Advantages of renewing bike insurance online

Advantages of renewing bike insurance online

The right time to renew a policy is one month before its expiration. If you have a comprehensive two-wheeler policy then you should renew it before its expiry. Today, bike insurance renewal online is one of the best ways to renew your existing renewal policy. During renewal, you can also select extra add-ons like; roadside assistance, pillion rider cover, etc. You can buy any of them according to your requirements. If you are planning to get bike insurance, invest in the best-selling Acko two-wheeler insurance

To help you understand, here are the advantages of renewing bike insurance online. Read to know more!

Keeps your vehicle insured

Renewing your bike insurance policy is important, it is helpful in many terms but among all, it keeps your vehicle insured. If you are renewing Bajaj, Hero, or Acko’s two-wheeler insurance policy, then you will get cover from fire, own damage, personal accident, theft, calamities, & other third-party liabilities. In addition, bike insurance renewal online is very easy and you can complete it within minutes from your fingertips. Regardless of your location, it allows you to explore, compare, and buy the right insurance policy for your vehicle. With this process, you can renew the insurance policy and keep your vehicle insured without being in a queue or dealing with traditional brokers.

NCB remains active

NCB refers to the No Claim Bonus which remains active for 5 years. It is an incremental discount that is offered by insurance companies to the insurer while renewing an insurance policy. This claim is offered when the insurer does not raise the claim during the policy period. However, if you miss the renewal time of your policy, then the NCB does not remain active. The time for renewing the policy without ceasing the NCB discount is 90 days from the expiry date of your policy. This time is considered a grace period and you will get it in all policies, whether it is Hero, Bajaj, or Acko two-wheeler insurance policy.

Helps you renew on time to avoid penalties

Renewing bike insurance online on time is not only helpful but also presents you as a law-abiding citizen. It ensures that you are following the regulations and do not commit a crime. When you renew your Hero, Bajaj, or Acko two-wheeler insurance policy on time, it eliminates the penalties. In addition, an expired insurance policy is as similar to a no-insurance policy and can be fined or even imprisoned if caught by the officers. Thus, to avoid penalties and imprisonment, you should check bike insurance renewal online and renew your policy before its expiration.

No hassles of visiting your nearest insurance office 

By opting to process your bike insurance renewal online, you need not go through the hassles of visiting your insurance provider’s office. All you need to do is to identify and pick out the best insurance plan that suits you and visit the insurer’s website to apply for it. You can easily scan all the required documents and submit them to the insurance provider for proof checking. Once that is done, you can proceed with the payment to get your Acko two wheeler insurance approved. So, you can get your bike insurance easily online from the comfort of your home. 

Check all details online and proceed 

Another major advantage of doing your bike insurance renewal online is that you can check all your details like expiry date, grace period, accumulated no-claim bonus, etc. then fix your renewal schedule. You can also keep a tab on offers and discounts and do the renewal at that time to score more benefits. 


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