Mazzio’s Introduces New York-Style Vegetable Thin-Crust Pizzas

Mazzio’s Introduces New York-Style Vegetable Thin-Crust Pizzas

Okla., Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza has been added to the menu at Tulsa’s Mazzio’s.

We’ve built this unique pizza from the dough up, said Stuart Myers, vice president of Mazzio’s LLC.A slice of our New York-style pizza will take you on a culinary adventure.

For $8.99, you may have a big pizza with up to two toppings and a sauce and cheese mix inspired by New York and the East Coast. It will only be offered for a short period at certain stores.

Food And Nutrition Information

Pizzas with a thin crust and veggies from Mazzios Value for One Serving, with discounts on Mazzios Coupons.


Here you can find the 180 kcal (754 kJ) nutritional info for a slice of Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza (754 kJ)

Fat accounts for 72.9% of the total calories in this meal.

Daily Value Breaking down the numbers for total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium Fat Content12% Sodium 6% and Saturated Fat 17% Approximately 617 milligrams, or 26 percent, of sodium.

The breakdown of carbohydrates: 19.4g \s- 6% 1.8% Sugars the Daily Value for Dietary Fiber Is 1.6% In terms of protein content, 7.6%

Values per day (DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Personal daily values may be more or lower than the recommended amount, depending on the number of calories you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for your height and build.

Determine your ideal calorie intake by doing some research.

Selby Meets Pizza In Mid-1950s

Southern Oklahoma native Ken Selby obtained a teaching degree from Northeastern State University in 1958. He first visited a pizza restaurant two years before in Chicago. It changed his intentions to teach.

Selby’s introduction was typical. Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza has been accessible for decades, but it was generally restricted to larger cities, particularly the East Coast and its significant Italian American community.

Established Regional Franchises

After World War II, a pizza mania spawned many mom-and-pop pizza parlors. Pizza lured ambitious Heartland businesses.

A year later, they launched their first franchise in Topeka. Domino’s Pizza, established in 1960 by Detroit native Tom Monaghan, pioneered pizza delivery.

Pizza Hut served pizza at tables. Later, Detroiter Michael IL itch launched Little Caesars, a cheap pizza delivery chain. Small pizza restaurants and regional franchises could survive because pizza was so popular.

Pizza Inn opened in Dallas in 1960, and Ken Selby started his regional business in Tulsa, Oklahoma, shortly after.

Mazzio’s Pizza And Keto Thin-Crust Pizza

This meal is suitable for the ketogenic diet since it has just 17g of carbohydrates per serving (9% of calories) (at or under 25g of net carbs). Try eating more lately if your daily net carb limit is 25g. Think about the meals you’ve recently consumed. Monitoring your macros may help you control your eating habits and avoid weight gain.

In terms of sodium, this meal has 21% of the daily value. To meet the FDA’s definition of “heavy in salt,” a food must have more than 20% of the daily value for sodium.

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High Salt

The recommended maximum daily intake is 2300mg. cardiovascular disease, stroke, hypertension, and kidney problems have all been linked to excessive salt intake. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence between high-salt diets with weight gain.

Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza, as well as a WebMD article on salt and obesity, suggest that salt may stimulate food intake and lead to weight gain. Most restaurants add extra salt to their dishes in the form of sauces and condiments.


Most of the sodium in prepared foods, especially frozen dinners, comes from salt additions. The recommended daily value (DV) for sodium is 1,500 to 2,300 milligrams (5 to 20 percent of the DV).

Nutrition Information For A Cheese Thin Crust Pizza From Mazzio’s

Food and Nutrition Data for One Slice of Bread from Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza (84 g)

  • Each serving has 182 calories and 8.7 grams of fat.
  • In fact, there are just 3 grams of saturated fat in the whole thing, so it’s not really a fatty meal.
  • Polyunsaturated fats: 0g
  • There is no fat in this dish. A total of 24mg of cholesterol is present, with no monounsaturated fat and no trans-fat.
  • This meal has 484 mg of sodium.
  • 18g of Carbohydrates
  • Nutritional Values: 1g Protein Subtractive Calculation of Carbohydrate Content: 1g there is just 1g of dietary fiber in the whole meal.
  • Protein makes up 8.7 percent of the diet, while glucose makes up 1 grams.
  • Calcium Absence (0mg) because there is no iron in the diet, there is also no potassium. Vitamin A content is 0 micrograms.
  • No Vitamin C: 0mg vitamin D levels at 0 mcg.

What You Need To Know About New York Style Pizza Dough

Although cauliflower or cauliflower purée is often the primary ingredient, the nutritional value of Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza might vary based on the other components utilized.

In the table below, we compare the calorie and carbohydrate counts of one-third of a crust (56 grams) from two different commercial cauliflower crusts with those of one cup (107 grams) of raw cauliflower (1Trusted Source, 2Trusted Source, 3Trusted Source).

All-Natural Foods, including a Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza Crunchy raw cauliflower.

Cauliflower Pizza

  • Nutritional Values: 110, 93, 27
  • All, there are 4 g of fat, 7 g of carbohydrates, and 0.3 g of protein in this sample.
  • 10-70-0 Milligrams
  • We found that the sodium levels ranged from 105 mg to 140 mg to 32 mg.
  • 14 grams of carbs (2 grams of fiber) and 5 grams of sugar.
  • There are 0.2 grams of carbohydrates in a serving of food.
  • There was 1, 0 and 2 grams of sugar in each serving.
  • 6 grams (7 grams) and 2 grimes (2 grams) of protein.
  • Important Parts
  • Ingredients: Cauliflower puree, mozzarella cheese, chickpea flour, and egg replacement.

You can see that the Tulsa-Based Mazzio’s Introducing New York Style Pizza has a good quantity of protein. Because fat and carb content may vary widely across brands, it’s important to read the label before making a purchase.

Because of the additional components needed to achieve a doughy consistency, cauliflower dough is much higher in calories, fat, salt, and carbs than raw cauliflower.



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