Explore Spooky Locations & Stay in Touch With Houston’s History

Do you like Spooky Places? Then the Houston/Galveston area is a must-see for you as it is one of the most haunted destinations in the United States. At this time of year, there always is a haunted house tour and stops throughout the town. However, if you want to see scary places for real, try to check an authentic haunted house. We have compiled a topmost reported paranormal phenomenon in the Houston area only for you. Have a quick look.

Haunted hot spots in the Houston area. Where will you go?

The Houston area is known to be the spookiest destination among various others in the United States. Ghostly pirates are still patrolling the waters, and the heirs are still in touch with their mansions. During COVID-19, only American Airlines travel safely to and from other countries/regions, so please don’t forget to make American Airlines Reservations and enjoy the coronavirus safe flight to Houston.

Old Town Tomball

This sleepy town located behind Houston saw many ghost activities.  Visitors reported the night’s strange experience, from smashing the fence gate to the ghost out hanging on the street lamp. The town is also said to have a bank vault that whispers to tourists and a swimming pool haunted by the spirit of the ancient alliance.

If lucky or precisely, if unfortunate, visitors may have a chance to encounter the Korner antique market’s playful ghosts in Gertie. It is said that Gertie would throw things off the shelf and then knock on the door, but she is best known for hugging. Several customers reported that they felt a peaceful ghostly embrace as they opened up the market.

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Battleship Texas – San Jacinto Battlefield

The Texas battleship participated in World War I and World War II. After retiring, he stopped east of Houston, near the San Jacinto battlefield. This is a popular place for supernatural activities, and people claim to hear unexplainable sounds and witness other strange activities. A ghost image was also seen, moving around on the ship and wandering on different decks. He usually smiles at people.

Houston Metropolitan Library

The Houston Downtown Public Library is known to be possessed by ghosts. It is said that the spirit of Frank Cramer is still roaming the hall.

After Frank died, his dog Petey never left. The dog’s toenails can be heard touching the tiled floor, and also sometimes, Frank is heard playing his beloved violin on the third floor.

Spaghetti Warehouse 

Houston’s now closed restaurants are notorious for paranormal activities. In 2017, Luis Sanchez, the restaurant’s kitchen manager, said that a female ghost and other spirits had been exposed.

Sanchez also claimed that he could even hear the children laughing and running up the stairs after getting off work. He said that when he moved a buffet table, he moved a few chairs and had to turn around to go back and found the chairs stacked on the table. Make your Spirit Airlines Reservations to visit Houston and Keep this location on your list to check out some Unreal Activities.

Hotel Galvez

Hotel Galvez allows you to experience another trouble on the Gulf Coast. This hotel was built in 1911. Many people say that a ghost named Audra is still haunting guests on the fifth floor.

The story happened. After learning that her husband had been killed in a battle, Audra committed suicide in the hotel bathroom. Guests still report strange things, such as violently knocking on the door, flushing the toilet by themselves, and even Audra’s mark sitting on the guest’s bed while sleeping.

Martha Chapel Cemetery – Demon’s Road

Martha’s Church Cemetery is one of the scariest haunted houses in Houston and one of the most haunted cemeteries in the United States. Although many people like to visit the cemetery to see tombstones, this is a cemetery that might make individuals regret their decision to stay.

On the road leading to Martha’s Chapel and Cemetery, countless reports about the paranormal activities have been made that people nicknamed it as “The Devil’s Road.” Others have seen the ghost on a tricycle that looks like an 8-year-old. It is also common to hear soul giggles, screams, and loud yells in the cemetery. Experienced ghost hunters have seen headless creatures. If you want to be indulged in those stories of the cemetery, don’t forget to make your American Airlines Reservations now and have a thrilling adventure.

The Ghost Capital Of Texas

The Old Town in Spring is sometimes referred to as the ghost capital of Texas. More than 100 shops and restaurants in the small area and ghost activities are reported in more than 40 locations. The store’s things often move around, and a headless train worker is seen walking down the street. It is believed that the area is troubled by Native Americans or related to nearby railways. There are many ghost tours in the area.

Both believers and non-believers seeking adventure want to check some of these local haunted locations.

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