The best Diwali gifts to buy for your friends and family

The best Diwali gifts to buy for your friends and family

Diwali is the festival of lights and fireworks and is celebrated in a grand manner. It’s a festival that takes happiness while taking away sorrow and pain. Sending gifts to the closest people you love the most – seems you are seeking best wishes from them and vice versa. Indian people visit each of their relatives and friends’ houses with a piece of gift and a box of sweets in their hands. So, what to do when you are abroad? Cannot attend Diwali with your loved ones? Send them beautiful personalized gifts in India to the people you love the most.

Let’s check out what we’ve got for you – the best creative ideas for some amazing personalized photo gifts.

Photo-printed coffee mugs for all of the family members:

Send each one of your family a beautifully illustrated coffee mug that contains individual quotations or funny texts from your end. While spending family time in the morning tea session or any special moment in the holidays, sipping from the mugs you have sent to them, they will love to talk about the precious memories you have created with them. Such a small piece of the gift will create big magic.

Customized Diwali candles:

When it comes to Diwali gifts, nothing can do better than a personalized set of candles. Send an aromatic handmade candle to the elder members of your family. It’s a perfect gift to show the true importance of light on Diwali.

They last longer than the normal candles. You can ask them to engrave the recipient’s name on the candles and make it somehow special for your grandmother. They last for 22-24 hours after lightening up.

Diwali themed customized cushion:

Send your love from abroad to your life partner with this beautiful “Happy Diwali” customized cushion. So many options you will get in the customized gift stores. Choose a romantic couple picture of your two and ask them to be printed on the cushion. Add some heartfelt personalized Diwali messages for the love of your life. It can be placed on a chair or sofa to remind you always.

Photo collage frames for younger brothers and sisters:

Remember how much you had enjoyed all the previous Diwali festivals with your siblings and cousins? How frequently took selfies? Well, retrieve these photographs from your mobile phone’s memory card. Now, create beautiful picture collage frames with these photographs for each of them. Using professional software, you can create these beautiful personalized gifts. Otherwise, take some professional help from the online gift stores that sell customized photo gifts.

Picture collage table clock:

A picture collage table clock is one of the most amazing personalized Diwali gifts that you can send to your wife while staying far away from home. Choose 8 or 12 pieces of photographs that define your relationship perfectly. The personalizing artist will create a beautiful customized table clock with them.

I hope, this article will show you a definite way to decide what personalized gifts to send to the people you love the most and how to make them look unique.

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