Must-Visit Hawar Island: Best Place For Vacation

Must-Visit Hawar Island: Best Place For Vacation

This archipelago consisting of 16 deserted islands covering 52 sq.kilometers is located off the west coast of Qatar and falls under Bahrain’s governance. Located around 20 kilometers south of mainland Bahrain, this group of islands is an excellent place to retire on weekends with families and friends. You can also visit this island alone for a relaxing tour to retire at solitude for a few days or even months. 

Most of the activities that you can do here at these beautiful places. Sometimes you have to spend a few pennies, kayaking, Dugong boat trip and other activities too. So, checkout some travel packages to Hawar Island on emirates official website and choose the best holiday [packages that suits your pocket too with a proper itinerary on Hawar Islands. 

Time you can spend here

You can spend 8 hours to 2 days in this archipelago. 

Visiting Hours 

The archipelago and its islands are open at all times for everyone. 

Things You Must See  

Dugong boat trip


How to reach

By Air

The nearest airport is Bahrain Intl Airport, which is 42 mi away from Hawar Islands. So, travelers can book their american airlines reservations to Bahrain Intl Airport and then can take a can to reach here.

By ferry

A one-way ride from the Durrat Marina Jetty, located 20 kilometers, takes 45 minutes to reach Hawar Island. The hotel includes transfers in its package that costs a total of BHD20. 

By boat

The same distance is covered in VIP boats from Durrat Marina in BHD 350 or up in 45 minutes. 

Tips for visitors 

  • Check the weather and plan your visit as boats do not come back to the island during bad weather conditions. 
  • Water activities are offered along with a guide by the only resort there sometimes free of cost. 
  • A very good spot for relaxing and staying disconnected from the crowds of cities for a few days. 
  • If you want any specific dish or want to celebrate an occasion, consider informing them much early as arrangements take time. 
  • You can go for a mountain bike tour to the lagoon or take the Dugong boat trip. 
  • The bird’s island of this archipelago requires a special permit to visit. 
  • The swimming experience in the lagoon was reported to be great by many travelers. 
  • The island is home to exotic flora and fauna including the endangered green turtle, Dugong, and other sea creatures. 

Attraction Write Up There

The Hawar Islands are home to exotic flora and fauna like the endangered green turtles, Dugong, Cormorants, and other sea bird species. The archipelago also lodges a bird island but it is under the protection and requires a special permit to visit the island. However, the main island of the Hawar archipelago offers enormous sights of sea life in their natural habitat. 

The view from the beach is beautiful especially during the sunset when flocks of birds return to their nests. The resorts on the island provide various adventure activities along with guides such as kayaking, motorbiking, hiking, etc. If you visit the Islands, do not miss the Dugong boat ride that offers enchanting sights of Dugong, Cormorants, and other exotic and migratory bird species. Also, do not miss a trip to the lagoon which is a popular spot for swimming and relaxing. 

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