Glimpses of product inspections

Glimpses of product inspections

Global sourcing from different developing countries can be successfully done but it should be done systematically and you need to be diligent. There are different types of inspection that can be done within time.

Some companies like KRT offer high-quality pre-production and proper quality inspection.

Pre-production validation

In the process of pre-production validation, you need to understand the process of the variability of the supplier. You need to request the vendor to make some samples. Checking the samples will let you know whether the vendor is capable enough to complete the project in a realistic production environment.

There you will find several options. You can find out the risk factor first by virtue of the simple low-risk product or by the audit or first article inspection. You can decide to place the order for a limited quantity of products. The second option should be approaching the vendor with the notion of the pilot production validation. If the parts are good and acceptable, you can purchase them. You can ask your vendor to do this process at his expenses with a proper agreement that you will take the acceptable parts. You need to ensure that the production environment is examined carefully as per your standard.

In this way, you will be able to understand the process of the variability of the vendor. For each of the critical feature, you need to record the measurement first from your randomly selected samples. You need to check the maximum and minimum and also the standard deviation. You can check the statistics of every critical dimension that you are attempting to infer the process variability. Compare the standard deviations. Finding answers to these questions may help you to understand the places where the manufacturer needs to develop or change and what areas you need to focus more on inspection.

Quality inspection during production

Nor that you know the process and technical ability of the vendor, you need to consider the right way to maintain that quality in future. You can perform the inspections or can hire a third party. You need to determine what type of reports and information you require to satisfy the customers and what features need to inspect more.

Third-party inspection through different companies like KRTis now readily available in different Asian countries. Professionalism and quality are highly variable too. You need to meet the local manager of the company first and then meet the inspector. You can require other inspection like loading inspection, shipping inspection etc. The inspector should observe whether the container being loaded and will provide you with proper documentation, photos of the load, number of containers and seal number. You need to make sure that the vendor should perform the proper inspection and submit the results in advance of any shipment. These useful standards will help you to select the type of inspection and the quality both. It will guide you to select the number of parts that needs to inspect and will offer guidance if you find any problem.

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