Golf Goals: How to Plan the Best Winter Golf Trip (Ever)

Golf Goals: How to Plan the Best Winter Golf Trip (Ever)

The winter season opens up a different set of vacation plans. It can be as simple as staying at home and enjoying the warmth of a cozy fireplace, or it could be on a ski trip. It may even end up being a trip towards the warmer areas for a change of scenery.

This also lends well if you choose to go for a golf trip during the winter. To prepare for a winter golf trip, you need to plan out a lot of things. After all, golfing in winter provides a different experience that challenges your skill.

Take note of these details, so you have everything set for a fun and wonderful time.

Look for a Great Golf Course to Play In

In planning out your winter golf trip, you need to find a good golf course first. The best winter golf trips work great when you find the best courses at a price that you can work with.

Start scouting for such locations and check the prices of each area to find a great fit for your trip. This ensures that you embark on the most affordable winter golf trips without much issue.

Consider these locations when looking for a great golf course. Some of these work great for fall and winter golfing.

What captures it is the temperature. So, do beautiful visuals when playing through these courses. It lends also for a wonderful photo, giving you a breathtaking view as you tee off.

Arizona is one good area to start with. It has notable places where you can golf while enjoying the weather. Florida also has great locations you can golf in, as well as Orlando and much more.

There are also areas where you can golf but may end up catching the snow. It’s still a great place to play, but you’ll need more things to prepare for such a setup.

Mind your Transportation

Another part you should look into when golfing is in your transportation. This applies to every golf trip and should be part of your considerations when setting up your itinerary. Your transportation affects how you traverse from one course to another.

You have a point of entry that starts from your trip towards the course. From that point, you have other factors to consider. Such as whether you should self-drive or take on other methods of transport.

It helps when you also read ahead about the golf courses and how they have certain layouts. You can read more about the four things to consider for your golf trip here. This way, you can find out how you would plan around the transportation aspect of your winter golf trip.

Walk Around a Lot During Play

While riding around on a cart would do well for an effortless trip from one spot to another, walking provides a more rewarding experience. If you happen to golf in colder areas, it would do you good to walk around instead. This may sound like a strange suggestion, but you will notice once you try it out for yourself.

Walking provides a good amount of exercise for golf. Thus making it a fitting low-impact workout regimen.

It also helps you keep warm as it makes your body generate more heat while in motion. It also helps you feel loose, letting your limbs move easily to get a better swing.

This way, you can enjoy the scenery while carrying your clubs with you. It provides a more scenic look at the course.

Prepare Yourself With Some Home Training

Winter golfing has a different feel when playing it. As a sport, you would need to do some preparation through some exercises and training. You can try doing some tasks such as practicing your putting at home with the carpet acting as your green.

You can also do some training with a good deal of exercises, such as sessions at the gym. You can also do some yoga classes to practice your joint movements and articulation.

For some tips, you can even look at some golf tips to refresh your mind. You can even go through golf material by reading or watching.

If possible, you can also take a trip to the nearest indoor driving range. Here you can practice your swings and see how far you can send the golf ball flying.

Familiarize with Winter Golf Rules

Make sure to prepare for a different set of rules for winter golf. The reason behind this is that the weather conditions would make golfing run differently. For instance, you have the air affecting the flight path and distance of the ball once you swing.

The rules you would encounter tend to be local rules such as perfect lies and casual water. These details would need a good lookup to know if they apply to the course you play in. These rules provide some adjustments to help you play well during the winter without triggering penalties.

Get More Clubs and Balls

It helps to have more clubs during the winter. With the weather affecting your ball flight, you need to account for this, along with other preparations such as warmer clothing to counter the cold weather. Consider the following suggestions.

For your irons and wedges, try to club at least one club and try to plan your distance at least 5 to 10 yards less than normal. With your woods and driver, expect a distance drop of at least 10-20 yards. For your driver, make sure to hit properly.

Make sure to have more than one golf ball in these situations. Try to have at least two balls and opt for yellow balls to make them easier to spot. Having more than one ball allows you to alternate with, where you play with one ball and pocket the other to keep warm.

Plan and Enjoy your Winter Golf Trip

A winter golf trip requires a lot of preparation as you account for the weather and the courses available. Make sure to take note of transport, equipment, and choose to keep warm while doing so. With proper preparations, you can enjoy winter golfing with how it provides a different experience.

Do you want to learn more about the winter lifestyle? Check out our guides to learn all you can today!

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