How Much Does Troponin I Test Cost To Get Tested?

How Much Does Troponin I Test Cost To Get Tested?

The troponin test looks for certain types of Troponin – a protein created in the body for different reasons. Troponin is a protein that only occurs in the heart tissue. Troponin I levels rise in the blood only when there is cardiac tissue damage. The test for Troponin I is done to detect the risk of heart disease and heart-related problems. A troponin I test looks for the protein in the patient’s blood.

Damage from a heart attack leads to the leakage of Troponin I into the bloodstream. The Troponin I test shows the patient’s risk and occurrence of a heart attack. The high level of Troponin I shows the level of damage to cardiac tissue. Usually, a cardiologist will recommend the Troponin I test to heart patients. The test is usually recommended to know the level of damage after a heart attack.

The sensitivity of the Troponin I test has increased over the last few years due to research and improvements to the test. The test is used to predict the risk of a heart attack. The test is usually suggested along with other tests to monitor heart activity. Heart attacks can be sudden, but it is usually difficult to diagnose the possibility before another heart attack happens. So, the Troponin I test comes in handy as it confirms the possibility. Apart from Troponin I test, some tests detect both types of Troponin in the blood.

What is Troponin?

Troponin is a biochemical with a protein nature found only in cardiac tissue. The level of Troponin is usually very low in healthy individuals. With heart disease and heart attack, the level of Troponin I and Troponin T increases in the blood. A Troponin test is done right after a heart attack to estimate the level of damage. This is because troponin levels increase in the blood after a heart attack. The levels rise within 3 to 12 hours of the attack and reach their peak within about 24 hours of the heart attack incidence. The troponin level remains high in the days following the heart attack incident. However, it is best to go for Troponin I test as soon as possible, within 24 hours of the incident.

How does the Troponin I test work?

The Troponin I test works through analysis of the blood sample from the patient. If the Troponin I level in the blood sample is high, it indicates extensive heart damage. The level of Troponin I is measured in ng/ml. The highly sensitive Troponin I test measure the levels through ng/L. Women have lower Troponin I levels than men. For men and women, the alarming level is more than 40 ng/L. The troponin test is done in combination with other tests to confirm the damage after a heart attack.

The doctor might also recommend the Troponin I test over a period of time to monitor the levels. Once the Troponin I levels are monitored, the cardiologist can know the damage level even better. The doctor might even recommend using the Troponin T test in combination with Troponin I tests. In the case of higher sensitivity tests, the doctor suggests repeat tests so that the levels of Troponin I are confirmed and properly monitored.

The Troponin I test is a simple test in which a lab professional collects the blood sample and sends it for a blood test. The sample is collected with the help of an intravenous needle. The test results from Troponin I test come out in one or two hours. After the test results come out, they should be sent to the cardiologist. An experienced cardiologist can interpret the results and inform the patient about the damage to the heart. After seeing the test results, the doctor can tell the patient about treatment and preventive approaches to prevent further heart damage.

Cost of Troponin I test

The Troponin I test is usually without any risks or complications because it depends simply on the blood sample. The patient may only experience a slight pinch or light bleeding during blood sample collection. If the patient goes to a good lab facility with trained lab professionals, they will not face any issues after the test. Troponin I test cost is affordable and falls between Rs 850 to Rs 1800. The cost will depend on the type of Troponin test suggested.

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The troponin test looks for Troponin proteins. Troponin proteins only occur in the heart tissue, so if Troponin proteins are found in the patient’s blood, this means that there is cardiac tissue damage. A Troponin I test is used to detect the risk of heart disease and heart-related problems.

Since the test is specific to heart conditions, cardiologists depend on the test to a great extent. After a heart attack, the Troponin I test is necessary to estimate the damage level. Some laboratory facilities also give discounts on the Troponin I test cost. The test should be done after the recommendation of an experienced cardiologist.

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