How to Prioritize Maths Chapters When Preparing for CBSE Board Exams?

How to Prioritize Maths Chapters When Preparing for CBSE Board Exams?


Even though Math is one of the most scoring subjects in Class 10, over 70% of students don’t particularly enjoy it. Some kids may find mathematics to be complex, while others may find it to be enjoyable. Many of us think that one needs an incredible intellect to perform well on “class 10 maths MCQs” to do well. 


Yet, this is untrue. Math is a subject that helps students acquire logical thinking and an approachable mindset. It can be challenging for a student to develop a love for mathematics overnight, but there are specific strategies you can do to improve your math grade.

This blog will discuss MCQ Questions for Class 10 Maths Arithmetic Progressions preparation tips and strategy.

Preparation Tips and Strategy for Preparing Class 10 Maths MCQs

  • Know the Syllabus

It would be much easier to select how much time to spend on each chapter if you understand your syllabus well. You needn’t spend a tremendous amount of time on such questions. For instance, if you know, there will be a 5-mark question from a particular section. To learn what you must study, look at the CBSE class 10 Mathematics syllabus 2023. All students must read through the entire syllabus for each unit and chapter and become familiar with the entire unit-wise weightage.

Check out the scoring breakdown for the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics 2023 exam:


Units Unit Name Marks
I Number Systems 06
II Algebra 20
III Coordinate Geometry 06
IV Geometry 15
V Trigonometry 12
VI Mensuration 10
VII Statistics & Probability 11
Total 80

Students should review the syllabus frequently to ensure they know all topics. Also, as they prepare, students must be aware of the weight that each unit of math has. The chapters with more weight and complicated concepts that call for more practice should be given higher importance.

  • Solve CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Example Question Paper

If you’re serious about passing the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics board exam in 2023 with a score of 95 or higher, you must complete the sample question papers given by the board. The sample question paper from the CBSE Board is published to educate students on the question paper design, paper structure, and question types for the CBSE Mathematics board exam. The students will only be able to understand what the test will cover by looking at the sample paper because the CBSE Mathematics curriculum for the 10th grade has changed. Therefore, students must solve the CBSE Class 10 Maths sample paper and view its solution to use a guide for exam preparation.

  • Identify the Areas of Improvement

Understanding where you need to focus more will help you score better. Finding the sections where you need more practice might help uncover areas where your scores can improve. This can be done by solving example papers and writing tests.


Class 10 CBSE exams are essential in a student’s life, so it’s normal to feel anxious before one. Yet, if you prepare for it appropriately, there is nothing to worry about. Use the tips above to prepare for the class 10 maths MCQs. Good luck with the exams. Happy learning!

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