6 Innovative Types Of Custom Packaging UK

6 Innovative Types Of Custom Packaging UK

Custom box packaging is a practical and necessary part of your product and an excellent opportunity to market your product and brand to potential customers. When done correctly, product custom box packaging will draw attention to your products, send a message and even make your consumers feel a certain way about your brand. Custom Packaging UK can come in any shape, size, material, and color for every type of product out there. While, people might consider the custom box packaging boring and mundane, that does not have to be the case.

Boxes can be used to create a powerful exterior for your product, and there are thousands of various types and designs that you can use to package products of any shape or size. Making your product stand out amongst the rest is no easy task, so here let’s take a look at 15 different types of custom packaging UK to inspire your product marketing:

Corrugated Boxes

As the popularity of eCommerce is increasing. Corrugated boxes are a popular choice for many brands. Corrugated custom box packaging protects products while keeping items safe from the warehouse to the consumer’s door. It’s durable and can vary in size and thickness if required. Its hefty interior keeps moisture at bay, which is important for items that must withstand long shipping times. 

You can adjust the thickness of corrugated cardboard to make it an ideal fit for any product. Additionally, corrugated cardboard is perfect for experimenting with coatings, printing techniques, and adhesives. When partnering with a branding specialist to help bring your custom box packaging vision to life, ensure they have excellent knowledge of function, cost, scalability, and brand alignment. 

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are made from layers of heavy paper. They’re one of the most common custom box packaging types, typically consisting of a single layer of cardboard. Shipped flat to save space, they’re printed and cut so they can be put together with flaps or folding panels.

In many cases, companies use the term folding cartons for them, and manufacturers typically secure them with tape though sometimes they use starchy glue.

Paperboard Boxes

We can also call Paperboard boxes as paperboard cartons or folding cartons. These boxes are common, and you can easily find them in every corner of every retail store. Brands use paperboard boxes when they want stores to present the products on their shelves. At a retail store, you’ll find paperboard boxes used on products such as chocolates, medicines, and bars of soap.

From the name itself, paperboard boxes use paper-based material in their manufacture. The material used for paperboard boxes is thin and lightweight yet sturdy enough to hold a wide range of products. Compared to corrugated boxes, paperboard boxes are also more low-cost to make. Another advantage of paperboard boxes is that they are recyclable, making them ideal for companies that want to be more eco-friendly.

Rigid Boxes

This type of custom box packaging is similar to what you see with smartphone or shoe boxes – these are a particularly good choice for delivering a positive unboxing experience, as your customers will be on the product itself instead of the Custom Box Packaging . They are ideal for more expensive products because of the protection they provide and are also easily customizable.

Insulated Boxes

Insulated boxes are perfect for hot food and cold items. They come in various sizes, shapes, and materials, making them adaptable for any product. Since they’re insulated, they’ll help keep your products cool and fresh. If you want to send something overseas, choose an insulated box to hold up during international shipping. It will protect your goods from high temperatures and rough handling by customs agents.

Insulated boxes are shipping supplies that are perfect for food and cold items. They are also great for holding perishables or items delicate to changes in temperature and can be used with any product.

Folding Boxes

Folding boxes or cartons are thinner, light-weight boxes without the layers. If you’ve ever purchased a tube of lipstick or a box of frozen food from the grocery store, you’re familiar with folding boxes. Some boxes, like custom packaging UK , are product-specific, like the branded boxes you get with takeout fried rice. 

These boxes are effortlessly customizable and brandable, available in multiple shapes and sizes. Their light weight makes them easy to store and ship.

Roll End Tuck Top Boxes

Although the name of this type of box is rather intricate, the way it works is anything but. You can build the box without needing glue or tape, and it holds well just by folding the ends and tucking them into the front. companies usually ship bakery goods using this box style, and the design possibilities are immense. The top of the box can even be transparent to peek the goods inside, making it a popular choice for delectable food.

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