Blue Light-Blocking Sunglasses: Are They Worth It?

Blue Light-Blocking Sunglasses: Are They Worth It?

Eyepieces that claim to filtrate blue light from tablets, smartphones, television sets, and computers are starting to get popular nowadays. Advertisements for these sunglasses claim that overexposure to blue light can cause a lot of issues like sleep cycle disruption, digital eye strain, or blinding problems. No evidence suggests light coming from smartphones and computer screens is damaging to the eyes. Because of this, a lot of experts do not recommend exceptional eyepieces for this type of purpose.

Is blue light from computer screens, smartphones, or television sets hurting people’s eyes?

Staring in front of a digital display for long hours can lead to decreased blinking. Sometimes it can cause series of temporary eye problems called eye strains. But this problem is caused by how individuals use their digital screens, not by anything coming from it.

The best way to avoid this is to take breaks from looking at screens frequently. The amount of light coming out from digital screens has never been demonstrated to cause eyeball problems. According to studies, there is no measurable Ultraviolet-A or Ultraviolet-B radiation from digital displays.

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But there is some evidence that shows blue light can affect the body’s circadian rhythm, the body’s natural sleep, and wake cycle. The best way people can avoid sleep disruption is to rest their eyeballs from looking at displays at least two hours before sleeping. Using night or dark mode on these devices in the evening can also help.

Do sunglasses with blue-light-blocking capabilities help minimize strain?

According to recent studies, sunglasses with blue-light-blocking capabilities can help ease strains. Eyepieces with the right lens can minimize eye problems caused by blue light.

What can people do to ease these problems?

People can protect their eyeballs from strain if they work with digital screens all day with these simple tips:

Sit about 20 to 25 inches or an arm’s length away from computer screens. Position these devices, so you are gazing at them slightly downwards.

Take breaks from using these devices by using the 20-20-20 rule: rest every 20 minutes, shift your gaze to look at objects at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

When people’s eyeballs feel dry, they need to use artificial tears like eyeball drops to refresh them.

Adjust the lighting on the room and try to increase the contrast of the screen to minimize eye strain. Use eyepieces like Saint Laurent Sunglasses with matte screen filters as needed.

If people wear contact lenses, they need to make sure that their eyeballs take a break by wearing sunglasses with protective lenses.

Some of the eye problem symptoms caused by using these devices are only temporary. It will lessen after people stop using them. If individuals continue to experience these problems, always make a habit of contacting an eye professional.

Do kids need special sunglasses?

According to professionals, the recommendation for kids with tons of screen time is the same for adults. One of the best ways to find relief from the strain is to take a lot of breaks.

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