How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your Vehicle Lights for Optimal Performance

How to Properly Maintain and Clean Your Vehicle Lights for Optimal Performance

Vehicle lights are an important part of your car. Therefore, being part of the car, one needs to clean and maintain it like all other car parts. These lights provide illumination and are a safety measure on the road. It is easy to drive at night when the lights are on. Visibility is a big factor when it comes to safe driving. 

The vehicle lights must have routine checking and servicing, whether the main beam, headlights, or rear lights. If they stop working in the middle of the road, there is the danger of road and traffic hazards. They save lives. Therefore, one must follow a regular maintenance routine for the lights.

The automotive accessories use strong and long-lasting lights like LEDs that shine bright. These lights are very illuminating and reach a long distance. They also last for years and are energy-efficient.

The headlight bulb is one accessory that needs to be bright and work on low energy efficiency. The light allows the driver to drive safely on any road, even in the dark.

Inspection of the Vehicle Lights 

Believe it or not, it is easy to maintain the vehicle lights of the car. Even if there was a repair required, it is not that time-consuming. However, preventive measures will protect them and ensure their long life. 

The first step to proper light care for the headlight and brake light is frequent inspection. A quick inspection will tell you if the light requires any fixing. A closer inspection may reveal failures, dimness and other defects. If the brake lights are not working properly, immediately change them. 

Keep Them Clean

Cleanliness is the first and most crucial maintenance tip. Dirty lights have their effectiveness reduced drastically. Ensure that no dust or debris is covering or obstructing the vehicle lights. If the lights have a thick layer of dust coating, they will be foggy. Fogged-up lights reduce the visibility for the driver, making it difficult to navigate the roads at night or in heavy rain. 

Foggy lights are a result occur when sunlight exposure combines with grime buildup. Before cleaning, remove the bonnet and put masking tape around the area. It ensures that sand, water, and dust will not harm the other vehicle parts.

Firstly, wash the headlight with water. Next, start wet-sanding the wet headlight. The sanding process will depend on the layer of dust accumulated on the headlight. If there is a lot of dust, it will take longer. Rub the vehicle lights gently, on low pressure, so you can remove the cloudy layer. When the plastic is clean, wipe the area to clean the residue.

Headlight Restorer Keeps Them Brand New 

The headlight restorer will ensure that you do not have to replace your lights whenever it gets cloudy. The restorer works like a sealant and improves the look of the light in a few seconds. All one needs to do is apply the cleaner, buff and polish the headlights. 

The headlight restorer reinstates the original shine to the dull, yellowish and clouded headlights and rear lights. It not only vehicle lights but also adds a layer of protective sealant. 

Cleaning Process of the Lights 

The cleaning of the lights is not a complicated process at all. Following the cleaning and maintenance process, once a month will keep the lights if the vehicle is in pristine condition. Regular cleaning is very important. Too much pressure can break the glass. 

The first step to clean the vehicle lights includes taking off the headlamps. Use a simple screwdriver. Use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass. The cloth is soft and will not leave any scratches on the glass. Use a professional-grade cleaner to clean the glass. Use toothpaste to remove scratches.

Once cleaning is over, do not close the headlamp cluster. Let the insides dry up first. Let this air dry, and then close the lid. For yellow oxidation marks, one can also use toothpaste to remove them. 

Replace the Broken Lights

Never drive your car when one of the pairs of headlights break. It is a driving hazard. Always change and get a new pair whenever one of the old ones goes out. Using a malfunctioning headlight may also cause the other car parts to malfunction. If you feel the damage is permanent, it is time to get a new pair of headlights. 

Choose the Best 

If you change the vehicle lights, consider using LED lights. These lights are much better than regular halogen bulbs. They are energy-efficient and do not cause any fuel consumption or drag. They also last for years. The strong beam from the LED lights find more preference from car owners.

Choose LED lights from Carorbis for their unparalleled luminosity. The lights give whiter and brighter illumination. They provide excellent night vision. Save your vehicle battery when you use LED vehicle lights. 

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