Reasons Why You Should Get CISSP Certification

Reasons Why You Should Get CISSP Certification

The web has both benefits and drawbacks. Every year, there are millions of cyberattacks, billions are spent on preventing and undoing the harm they have already caused. Companies seek professionals with CISSP certification training to ensure they are well-prepared for such circumstances. CISSP is a vendor-neutral credential that proves security expertise. 

What is the CISSP? 

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional. The ISC (International Information System Security Certification Consortium) awards this cyber security certification. 

Successful passing of the CISSP exam leads to CISSP certification. The certification test evaluates a candidate’s ability to manage security and risk, build security architectures, provide network security, evaluate security postures, and test vulnerabilities. 

Is the CISSP Worth It?

CISSP is acknowledged universally for information security management roles. (ISC)2 declares it the most esteemed cyber security certification in the industry globally. So, for anyone who holds the credential, industry-wide acceptance is significant. 

Who Should Take the CISSP?

The CISSP certification applies to numerous cybersecurity specialties. So, practically anyone in the IT industry can earn the CISSP certification. People working in the field of cyber security particularly benefit from it.

What makes CISSP certification training so valuable? 

One crucial element is the combined focus on management and ground-level execution. Professionals holding the CISSP certification have excellent leadership qualities and a comprehensive understanding of managing and directing a team. 

CISSP certificate holders display excellent technical and practical abilities required to implement a cyber security strategy successfully. Simply put, CISSP-certified professionals can take a cyber security plan from initial conception through the creation and installation phases, and then monitor, amend, and improve as needed. CISSP Certification Training reflects a commitment to being the best in digital security. Thus, CISSP is undoubtedly worthwhile.

Seven reasons that make CISSP Certification valuable

#1 Increases Earnings

Professionals with CISSP certificates are among the most in demand in their field. A CISSP certification holder typically makes about USD 115,082 per year. Anyone who completes the CISSP certification program in the middle of their career can request a raise at any time.

#2 Career Advancement

The number of CISSP holders does not even come close to meeting the demand for these specialists. More than 2.9 million individuals are needed globally to fill positions in the cyber workforce, according to a study on the subject by (ISC)2. This means that becoming certified can help you stand out from your colleagues and expedite landing high-paying jobs. So, job prospects for those who hold the CISSP certification are bright.

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#3 Rise Above Competitors

The CISSP certification ranks among the top 20 highest-paying tech certifications in the world. A CISSP certification gives you an advantage over your contemporaries. At any moment, recruiters will choose candidates with CISSP certification over everyone else. This puts you ahead of your peers.

#4 Better Insight and Knowledge

CISSP takes into account the understanding of current, actual-world risks and information. The certification indicates that those with this prestigious designation are familiar with organizations’ cyber security challenges in today’s rapidly evolving digital world. The certification is a distinct, immediately recognizable accomplishment regarding practical cybersecurity skills on many levels. This is a valuable tool for daily operations, serving as evidence of competence to coworkers and superiors and as a selling point when holders are looking for new chances in the industry.

#5 Experience

The CISSP certification does not come to you easily; in addition to passing the test, one must also give the CISSP assessment. There’s more to it – a verification from a CISSP certification holder is also required in addition to four years of experience. Lastly, to keep their CISSP certification active, candidates must complete an educational programme with 120 credits over a three-year period.

#6 Best in the Industry

A CISSP credential is proof of dedication and expertise. Continual effort is required to earn a CISSP certification. The CISSP certification is one of the few that satisfies the requirements of ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024. Therefore, having something of such value in the industry makes you the best in the domain.

#7 Lifetime Membership

Few people are aware that CISSP holders also have the option of joining (ISC)2, which is an additional perk. (ISC)2 is one of the biggest non-profit groups in the world for cyber security experts. More than 140,000 professionals work there, and the population is rising daily.

#8 To excel as a specialist

Obtaining your CISA, CISM, CISSA, or other certification may increase your pay with long-term advantages.

#9 Recognizing the significance of compliance

One might offer the best protocols needed by employers if they had a thorough awareness of litigation, legislation, and privacy.

#10 To plan ahead and stay current

Companies frequently seek for experts who can react quickly and take the best possible action to combat the growing wave of dangers.

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CISSP certification training is incredibly beneficial since it gives cyber security professionals the requisite knowledge and experience in addition to unparalleled extra perks. The CISSP certification cost fixed at USD 749 leads to a wide range of new career opportunities for cyber security specialists.

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